...one small thing... 


We were inspired to do "one small thing" by country music artist Jimmy Wayne who began Project Meet Me Halfway (MMH) to raise awareness for the 30,000 youths that age out of foster care each year.  Many are left to fend for themselves, facing poverty and homelessness.  In 2010, Jimmy Wayne walked 1700 miles from Nashville, TN to Phoenix, AZ to raise awareness for this problem. 

We went to see his show in February of this year.  During the show, he talked about his life in the foster care system and the elderly couple who took him in and changed his life.  Listening to his story helped us realize that you don't have to do something big to make a difference in a foster child's life.  A pack of cards or a pair of gloves means the world to a child in need.  On our way home from the show, we talked about what we could do as a family to help out.  We aren't in the position to adopt or take in a foster child.  We decided to use the skills and talents that we already have and apply them to something that we could do.  Our "one small thing" is refurbishing bikes, tricycles, and wagons and donating them to children in need through Nazareth Children's Home and their Outlet Store where they are sold to raise funds for the children's home.  We hope to expand to help children through other charities in our area as well sometime in the future. 

Please visit http://www.jimmywayne.com/ and check under the Causes tab for more information on Project Meet Me Halfway and Jimmy Wayne.  I'm sure you will be inspired too!

"There's so much one person can do, and so many ways they can help make a difference.  It just takes one person to help someone to a better life."  - Jimmy Wayne

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